NEW Colombia Coffee: From Family Farm to Your Cup

NEW Colombia Coffee: From Family Farm to Your Cup

Our newest Colombian coffee beans come from a high-elevation family farm in the Timbio municipality of the Cauca department, Colombia. We, Pacific Crest Coffee, roast the coffee locally in our Truckee Roastery and Tasting Room. We make both light-medium and dark roasts, with attention to detail and years of experience in the craft. The result is a beautifully vibrant cup, with top notes of hibiscus, tart cherry, lemon and caramel. 

 About the Coffee Growing Region

Timbio, within the Cauca Department of Colombia, is located at around 1800m elevation in the Andes mountains. It experiences a mild and temperate subtroptical highland climate, with average temperatures consistently in the 50-75 degree range throughout the year. Timbio has generally high humidity and receives significant rainfall, especially in its two main rainy seasons - the fall and spring. These factors, combined with fertile soil that is volcanic in origin and rich with organic matter, contribute to very agreeable growing conditions for coffee farming. 

About the Family Farm

Our new Colombia green beans come from a 5-acre farm named Finca Las Galias, owned by Francy Elena Gomez. The farm is nestled in the mountains at 1,820 meters above sea level, near the community of Urubamba within the municipality of Timbio, Cauca, Colombia. Francy processes the coffee on her own micro-mill before collaborating with Banexport, who warehouses and prepares the coffee for export. 

Coffee Processing 

The coffee beans at Finca Las Galias are processed using the fully-washed method. The are selectively harvested ripe, floated to sort out damaged or underdeveloped beans, and macerated for 12 hours. They are then fermented for 24 hours before being washed and dried for 10 days in solar driers to protect them from the frequent rainfall. 

Coffee Tasting Notes

This castillo variety coffee from Colombia, cultivated and processed at Finca Las Galias, makes for a bright and unique cup. It has vibrant acidity, medium to full body, and floral and fruity aroma. The tasting notes for our light-medium roast include hibiscus, lemon, tart cherry and caramel. Our dark roast exhibits a smooth, caramelly profile. 


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