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Baratza Sette 270WI

Baratza Sette 270WI

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The Sette 270Wi is an excellent home-espresso grinder that features grind-by-weight technology. Dose weight is controlled by a precise digital scale that uses Acaia’s weighing technology. Dosage is calculated and controlled automatically by a precise digital scale utilizing Acaia weighing technology as well as Bluetooth connectivity to Acaia’s Sette updater app.  

The Sette 270WI offers 30 macro steps of adjustment and 9 settings of step-less micro-adjustment for precise dial-ins and recording your settings for unique origins, roasts, or blends for an easier dial-in next time those beans are in the hopper. The grinder boasts hands-free functionality, holding a portafilter, the 270WI’s grounds-bin, as well as most other popular brewing devices.

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